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Q & A ?
General Information
What does HIRSCH specialize in?
We specialize in liquid filled promotional items. We have over 75 products including clocks, calculators, radios, computer mice and drinkware to name a few.

How do I purchase HIRSCH Liquid Products?
We do not sell products to the general public. All purchases should be through promotional products distributors.Therefore we do not provide any contact information on this web site. To contact a distributor in your area, simply look in the phone book under "Promotional Products" or "Advertising Specialities".

What are floaters?
Floaters are pieces that move around inside the liquid. There are two types of floaters used in our products:clear vinyl and 3-dimensional. The clear vinyl floaters are printed with original artwork (provided by client) and placed inside some of our liquid products (e.g-mousepads). Some of our items are capable of accompanying 3-dimensional floaters that can be moulded into any shape desired and imprinted.

How do I know artwork requirements for orders, virtual samples and mock-ups?
Go to the "General Information" link on this web site and click on artwork guidelines. A page will then open up in your browser with all the specifications for submitting artwork for orders, virtuals and mock-ups.

Do you have any stock items ?
Yes. We do have liquid items in stock. All stock/rush items feature stock *globe* floaters and are accessed by clicking on our RUSH SERVICE link on our home page. These items include a tape dispenser, stapler, USB hub, mouse, mousepad, cup, radio, clock and pens. Turnaround is approximately 7-14 working days after approval of artwork.

Does HIRSCH have any patented items ?
Yes. Our liquid mousepads have a European and US patent.
EU patent : EP 0770 247 B1
US patent : 5.948.520,6.183.823
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